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Buying 101

  1. Create a game plan. Do you need to sale your current home? If so, is bridge financing possible? If currently renting, do you need to provide 2 months notice to your landlord? When do you want to move?
  2. Get pre-approved financing.   No point going home shopping if you don’t know how much to spend.
  3. Make a list of home needs i.e. area, budget, type of home, must haves…
  4. Drive, walk, run, cycle through the neighbourhoods you are considering. It’s important to get a feel for the area.
  5. Contact Ziglu to set-up you up on its home auto-notification system. You will get regular emails with new listings that match your home search criteria.
  6. Go view homes that you may be interested in. You can schedule a showing through the listing Realtor or Ziglu. You can also view potential homes through open houses.
  7. When you have found that special home, go view it a 2nd time . Bring friends, and/or family to get unbiased feedback.
  8. Ready to submit an offer? Contact Ziglu. We’ll do the necessary grunt work to ensure you get the best deal possible.
  9. Get a real estate lawyer.
  10. Once a deal is struck, you have 5-6 business days to fulfill the conditions. These usually include financing and home inspection. It can also include a review by your lawyer of a condo’s status certificate.
  11. Once the conditions are fulfilled, the sale is final.
  12. You lawyer will handle the rest.   You will meet with your lawyer on the day of possession. He/she will give you the keys to your new home.

Forms 101

The following is a list of forms that may be used in the buying process. You may click on the forms to reveal its content with full explanation.

  1. Form 100 – Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  2. Form 320 – Confirmation of Cooperation and Representation
  3. Form 300 – Buyer Representation Agreement
  4. Form 810 – Working with a REALTOR®
  5. Form 630 – FINTRAC – Individual Identification Information Record
  6. Form 124 – Notice of Fulfillment of Condition