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Ziglu truly is, a very different kind of real estate company for home sellers.

Ziglu Advantage & FAQ for Ottawa Area Home Sellers:

For as little as $200, Ziglu will list your home on the MLS® system, REALTOR.ca® and YOU decide the commission that you want to pay to the buyer’s broker i.e. 1%, 1.5%, 2%…or even a flat fee. It’s entirely up to you. 

We provide guidance to help you decide the appropriate commission to pay based on a number of factors such as general market conditions and the anticipated demand for your home. What this means to you is huge savings for the same service provided by other brokerages:

e.g. Your home sells for $400,000, the commission you pay is:

Other Brokerages
Commission $20,000 (5%) $8,000 (2%)
Seller Bundle $0 $500
Total Paid $20,000 $8,500


You save: $11,500

Who decides the commission to be paid?

You do! The commission that you agree to pay the buying brokerage is entirely up to you. Always be mindful to offer fair compensation for the services rendered by the buying brokerage. Fyi, the commission can be a percentage of the sale price or a pre-determined cash amount. Should you need assistance in determining the right amount, please contact Ziglu.

Will other REALTORS® bring buyers if I set a low commission rate?

If you think that some REALTORS® may be reluctant to show your home due to a lower potential commission, consider this: the Real Estate Brokers Act states that “a broker or salesperson who acts on behalf of the buyer pursuant to the agreement shall inform the buyer of properties that meet the buyer’s criteria without having any regard to the amount of commission or other remuneration, if any, to which the brokerage might be entitled.” In other words, our strict Code of Ethics prohibits a REALTOR® from withholding information from a client. Even if a REALTOR® still chooses to withhold property information, today’s buyer is more involved in the buying process than ever. They do their own searching on MLS.ca and eventually will find your home if it meets their criteria. A buyer can arrange a home tour directly with Ziglu.

How can Ziglu offer such a low commission fee?

We save time and money by streamlining the selling process (no open houses, no print advertising…). We have a system that is simply more efficient. We also do it to attract potential buyer clients. If a buyer wishes to purchase your home with Ziglu, we get paid the commission you chose to pay. Of course, 50% of the commission goes to the buyer as part of our Ziglu for Buyers program. If the buyer does not wish to make an offer on your property, Ziglu still gets a chance to earn commission by helping the buyer find another property elsewhere.

Who will coordinate the home tour requests?

Ziglu coordinates all home tour requests. We will notify you at least 24 hours in advance of all requests. We will not approve any home tour request without your consent.

Who must be present for home tours?

If the tour is conducted by another REALTOR®, no one needs to be present. If a buyer wishes to see your home without REALTOR® representation, Ziglu conducts the home tour.

What happens when Ziglu gets an offer?

Once the offer has been examined by Ziglu, we will present the offer to you, outline and explain your options and advise you through the whole process. We provide the same service as any other REALTOR®. We will ensure your best interests are served and see that you get the best price possible for your home.

Can I do open houses?

No. Open houses are very ineffective. REALTORS® conduct open houses in hopes of signing up new clients and for self promotion. Serious buyers do not wait for an open house to view your home. They make the necessary arrangements to see your home.

Do you have an online tool to help me decide which seller bundle & commission amount is best suited to sell my home?

Absolutely!  Simply use our Seller Savings Calculator to help you determine what works best for you.