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Ziglu truly is, a very different kind of real estate company for home buyers.

Ziglu Advantage & FAQ for Ottawa Area Home Buyers:

Ziglu loves savvy buyers like you! So much so that we pay you up to ½ of the commission we earn.   

As a buyer, you’re already doing your own home searching and research on MLS® and scheduling home tours with the listing agent. We love that! When you have found your dream home and you’re ready to make an offer, contact Ziglu. We will visit the home and submit an offer based on our visit and past sales data. We will represent you throughout the whole buying process. Since you’ve done all the legwork in finding your home, Ziglu pays you a generous cash reward!

e.g. Sale price of your new home is $400,000, your cash reward is: 

buyingTool Other Brokerages logo
Commission Paid 2.5% 2.5%
Total Paid $10,000 $10,000
Buyer’s Share None $5,000


You get paid $5,000


How much is the typical cash reward?

The cash reward is calculated from the total amount of commission Ziglu is paid. The latter is based on the sale price and the commission rate payable to the buying brokerage as established by the listing brokerage.

How is Ziglu different from other real estate companies?

Once you’ve submitted your home criteria to us, Ziglu sets up a home search profile file for you. Our system then searches MLS.ca, the internet and private listings to find homes that match your criteria. We then provide you with detailed information for each property found. We ask that you schedule your own home tours with the listing REALTOR® or homeowner. That way, you can coordinate the tours around your own schedule. That’s how Ziglu is different than the other guys… that and the cash reward we give you at the end of the process. Of course, we’re available to answer any questions you may have regarding a property. Also, we will continue to send you information on new home listings that match your criteria. In fact, we do everything other companies do, except accompany you on home tours.

How can you rebate half your commission?

‘Cause we’re nice people. Also, we save time and money by letting you do the legwork on the home tours. We come in when you’re ready to consider making an offer. In return, Ziglu rewards you with 50% of the commission we earn.

What if the listing REALTOR® does not want to show the property?

Unless specified otherwise on the listing Agreement, one of the duties of a REALTOR® is to show the home to potential buyers. A REALTOR® cannot discriminate against anyone who may or may not be represented by a REALTOR®. Should you have any problems scheduling a home tour, please contact Ziglu. We will ensure that you get to tour the home one way or another.

When I’m ready to make an offer on a home, do you tour the home?

Yes, Ziglu will arrange to view the home and you may also be present if you wish. In order to represent you properly, we need to arm ourselves with all the necessary information. That’s why a home tour by Ziglu is a must.

When is the cash reward paid?

It is paid soon after Ziglu receives its commission cheque from the listing brokerage.

Are there any conditions to be eligible for the cash reward?

No, not really. As long as you buy a home with Ziglu as your agent and Ziglu gets paid commission by the Listing Broker, then you get the cash reward. Simple, no fine print.

Do you have an online tool to help me decide which buyer service bundle & cash reward is best suited to buying my home?

Absolutely!  Simply use our Buyer Cash Reward Calculator to help you determine what works best for you.