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Selling 101

1. Create a game plan: what needs to be done to prep the home for sale, when will the home be ready to go on the market, what is your ideal closing date, de-clutter…
2. When ready or in the process of getting ready, contact Ziglu. If you chose the ZigluFull bundle, we will visit your home to provide guidance and suggestions. The visit will also allow us to gather information to help us with your home valuation.
3. Ziglu will provide the home valuation and together we can agree on the asking price and listing date.
4. The listing agreement is completed and signed.
5. When the home is “show ready”, arrangements are made with the photographer for the photo shoot.
6. Ziglu will install a digital lockbox and lawn sign.
7. The listing goes up on REALTOR.ca®.
8. The fun begins!

Forms 101

You may click on the forms to reveal its content with full explanation.

1. Form 200 – Listing Agreement
2. Form 160A – Listing Agreement – Schedule “A” and Data Form
3. Form 244 – Seller’s Direction re: Property/Offers
4. Form 810 – Working with a REALTOR®
5. Form 630 – FINTRAC – Individual Identification Information Record
6. Form 240 – Amendment to Listing Agreement
7. Form 242 – Cancellation of Listing Agreement