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Buying a home?

Our services combine your ability to find the home that is right for you with the services of a local, experienced Ziglu REALTOR®.

Ottawa homebuyers who find a home on their own and use Ziglu as their REALTOR® will receive up to 50% of the commission that Ziglu earns on the transaction. Additionally, and for an abolutely hassle free service Ziglu can send you regular email updates of new home listings that meet your search criteria with a no obligation, no pressure approach.

You control the information you receive and schedule your own home tours. through the listing REALTOR®. That way, you are not tied to a schedule set by a REALTOR® and you only see the homes you want to see.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the home that you’re viewing, you can talk to the listing REALTOR®, or contact us via email and we will follow-up on your behalf. Of course we are available to answer any questions that you may have. When you’re ready to make an offer on a property, Ziglu will arrange a home tour with you to gather pertinent information and share our expertise, while also helping you through the negotiations process. Finally, as your REALTOR® we will negotiate the best possible price for your new home based on local comparisons, current REALTOR® available market data, and proven experience.

Once the transaction is closed and you take possession we will send you your Ziglu Cash Reward.


What we don’t do is provide services that don’t add value to you and your goal of finding the right home at the right price. The following comparison chart shows what Ziglu will (and won’t) do and how it compares with other real estate brokerages:

Services Other Brokerages logo
Local REALTORS® Yes Yes
Email auto-notification of new MLS® listings Yes Yes
Home tours Yes Yes*
Provide home buying tools & guidance Yes Yes
Provide comparable sales data Yes Yes
Offer preparation Yes Yes
Handling of negotiations Yes Yes
Manage closing details i.e.
inspection, lawyer…Yes
Yes Yes
Commission on $400,000 home $10,000 $10,000
Your cash reward $0,00 $5,000

* Number of home tours limited to the Ziglu bundle chosen.


Other Questions

How the buying/selling commission is calculated