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I want to buy a home…

Get paid when buying your home with Ziglu

Since we appreciate that you are doing some of the work in the home buying process (ie. searching online, visiting open houses, selecting neighbourhoods, etc.) why not be rewarded with as much as 50% of the commission? The more involved you become...the more you get for those efforts.

To see how much you could make when you buy your new home with Ziglu, click 'Next'

Step 1 - Your budget

To start, please enter how much you would like to spend on your new home below.

A REALTOR®, who represents a buyer, is paid commission based on the selling price. The commission is paid by the seller through the listing brokerage. With Ziglu, you receive a portion of this amount. Watch our video


If the sale price is:

The brokerage gets:

Buying without Ziglu,
you would get:

Step 2 - Choose a Bundle

Ziglu offers different bundles based on your level of participation in the buying process. The more involved you are, the more you get paid.

Your 3 options are:

    • New MLS listing alerts
    • 1 home tour with Ziglu
    • REALTOR® offer preparation
    • Negotiations via email
    • Coordinate home inspection
    • REALTOR® closing administration
    • Ziglu email support
    • All ZigluBasic &
    • 4 home tours total
    • Negotiations via phone
    • Ziglu phone support
    • All ZigluBasic &
    • All ZigluPlus &
    • Unlimited home tours with Ziglu
    • Negotiations via in person
    • Ziglu in person support


If the sale price is:

The total commission paid is:

Buying without Ziglu,
you get paid:


But, with Ziglu:

Ziglu keeps:

Ziglu pays YOU:

Step 3 - Review

That's it! You can review your selections below to see how much money you can earn when buying your home with Ziglu. Feel free to go back and edit your choices or choose a next step to the right.

Sale Price:

Your Bundle:

  • YOU get paid:

  • Ziglu gets paid:

Email Results

Send results to the following emails:

to send to multiple people, seperate emails with a comma.

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