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Information for Ottawa Housing Market

We are not a “discount” brokerage! Sometimes our competitors will refer to Ziglu as just another discount brokerage because the term has a negative connotation i.e. discount = inferior service. Makes it sound like we’re not as good as them. Truth be told, they’re right. We are not as good as them…we’re better!

We’re better because we provide different levels of service that best suits your comfort level. YOU decide. Sellers can get the same services that other brokerages offer for a fraction of the cost. Buyers get cash rewards based on how involved you choose to be in the buying process. It’s all about putting YOU, the consumer, in control.


As a company, Ziglu embraces technology, understanding the internet has changed the dynamics of the industry. Consequently, today’s real estate consumer is well informed and educated. Because of savvy clients like yourselves, the role of the REALTOR® is changing, where REALTORS® may no longer be the only source of information in all situations. Because of this, sellers and buyers want to be more involved in the process. Ziglu appreciates savvy customers, and rewards its clients with lower commission fees and buyer cash rewards.

We save time and money by streamlining the buying and selling process and allowing you to get involved. Those savings are passed on to you. It’s just a more efficient and savvy way!