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Selling your home?

So what is really involved in the sale of your home? What is the role of the REALTOR®? All REALTORS® essentially provide the same basic services:

  • Home valuation
  • Guidance i.e. price, market conditions, home staging…
  • MLS® listing
  • Offer negotiations
  • Manage closing details


The key ingredients for a quick sale at or close to market value are:


  • Establishing the right asking price
  • Preparing and/or staging your home to maximize its potential
  • Marketing your home

The internet has changed the buying process immensely. Most, if not all buyers, begin their home search on the web, using the MLS® system.  If your home is listed on MLS®, you have all the marketing muscle you need.   Print advertising is unnecessary. Open houses are pointless.

In a balanced market, if your home is priced right and shows well, it will sell. It’s that simple. There is nothing Ziglu or any other brokerage can do to expedite the sale of your home. The market will always dictate when and for how much your home sells. Magic formulas do not exist!

Now you know…so why would you even consider paying twice as much in commission fees for the same service? Does it make sense to pay someone $20,000 in commission fees to sell your $400,000 home? We don’t think so. Any listing brokerage would be very hard pressed to justify such fees. $20k? That’s crazy!

It’s your home, your equity, your money. You should have a say in the selling process. With Ziglu, you call the shots. For as little as $123, Ziglu will list your home on the MLS® system (REALTOR.ca®) and you decide the commission that you want to pay to the buyer’s broker i.e. 1%, 1.5%, 2%…or even a flat fee. It’s entirely up to you. We provide guidance to help you decide the appropriate commission to pay based on a number of factors such as general market conditions and the anticipated demand for your home.

Now doesn’t that make more sense?