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as a homebuyer, YOU could get paid cash when buying your next home?


as a home seller, YOU could decide the amount of commission you want to pay?


a brokerage offered these amazing options without sacrificing any valuable services provided by a REALTOR?


Ziglu is your real estate brokerage



What kind of cash are we talking about? Well, for example:

Buy a home for $400,000 & YOU could get paid $5,000!*

* The Ziglu Buyer Cash Reward that you get is 50% of the commission we get. i.e. $400,000 sale: we get paid 2.5% commission or $10,000. You get ½ or $5,000.
** You can either schedule your own showings with the listing Realtor or you can have Ziglu show you the property. Ziglu will deduct $80 from the total cash reward for each showing that we schedule & attend.


Ziglu is an Ottawa-based real estate brokerage that lives up to its mantra “Ziglu… a different kind of real estate company” by constantly examining and tweaking the traditional real estate industry while providing custom levels of service that savvy consumers demand.

We are not a “discount” brokerage! Sometimes our competitors will refer to Ziglu as just another discount brokerage because the term has a negative connotation i.e. discount = inferior service. Makes it sound like we’re not as good as them. Truth be told, they’re right. We are not as good as them…we’re better!

We’re better because we provide different levels of service that best suits your comfort level. YOU decide. Sellers can get the same services that other brokerages offer for a fraction of the cost. Buyers get cash rewards based on how involved you choose to be in the buying process. It’s all about putting YOU, the consumer, in control.

“I listed my house with Ziglu only two weeks ago and have 2 showings this Saturday with 2 offers presented on Sunday. And best of all, standard commission rates are 4% to 5%, all in, I paid less than 2.1% and sold just above list price…..nice!”

Emmanuel – Ottawa, Ontario

“Retaining as much of the value of our home as possible was important for us. The Ziglu business model allowed us to get exposure on MLS® without committing to a large commission or one particular agent.After two weeks, we sold at our asking price at a very low commission. From coordinating visits and negotiations to providing counsel on our rights and obligations, Ziglu provided all the expertise and services you would expect from a high commission broker. We don’t hesitate to recommend Ziglu to our family and friends.”

Annie & Mike – Ottawa, Ontario