Home Seller:

If you think that some REALTORS® may be reluctant to show your home due to the lower commission paid to them, consider this: the Real Estate Brokers Act states that “ a broker or salesperson who acts on behalf of the buyer pursuant to the agreement shall inform the buyer of properties that meet the buyer’s criteria without having any regard to the amount of commission or other remuneration, if any, to which the brokerage might be entitled “.

In other words, our Code of Ethics prohibits a REALTOR® from withholding information from a client. A fine and/or a suspension could be levied on a member that is guilty of such an offense.

Even if the REALTOR® still chooses to withhold property information, today’s buyer is more involved in the buying process then ever. They do their own searching on mls and eventually will find your home if it meets their criteria

We feel strongly that the fee structure for REALTORS® is too high. We feel that the average REALTOR® is unable to articulate his or her value when commissions were stated in actual dollar amounts instead of percentages. Believing that the real estate industry’s pricing model was too aggressive, we founded Ziglu to offer price conscious consumers an alternative to the traditional methods of buying and selling real estate.
This service is included in our ZigluFull bundle. We will coordinate all showing requests. We will notify you as soon aspossible of any request we receive. We will not approve any showing request without your consent.
If the showing is conducted by another REALTOR®, no one needs to be present. If a buyer wishes to see your home without REALTOR® representation, Ziglu will show your home to the potential buyer.
Handling of offers is included in the ZigluFull bundle and for an additional fee, in the ZigluBasic bundle. Once the offer has been examined by Ziglu, we will present the offer to you, outline and explain your options and advise you through the whole process. We will ensure that you get the best price possible for your home
Yes, but all advertising requests must be approved by Ziglu.
Absolutely. We will advertise your open house on REALTOR.ca®.
No! Actually, Ziglu strongly opposes dual representation. How can a REALTOR® fairly represent both the seller and the buyer? We don’t think it’s right and we won’t do it. As our client, you can rest assure that Ziglu will fully represent you and only you.

Home Buyer:

Once you’ve submitted your home criteria to us, Ziglu sets up a home search file for you. Our system then searches the MLS® system, the internet and private sales to find homes that match your criteria. We then provide you with detailed information for each property found. You can schedule your own showings with the listing REALTOR® or have Ziglu do it and show you the property. That’s how Ziglu is different than the other guys…that and the cash reward we give you at the end of the process. Of course, we’re available to answer any questions you may have regarding a property. Also, we will continue to send you information on new home listings that match your criteria.
Cause we’re nice people! Real estate commissions are way too high and so we believe it’s only fair that we share what we get with you. It’s our of saying thank you for using Ziglu.
Unless specified otherwise on the listing Agreement, one of the duties of a REALTOR® is to show the home to customers. A REALTOR® cannot discriminate against anyone who may or may not be represented by a REALTOR®. Should you have any problems scheduling a showing, please contact Ziglu. We will ensure that you do see the home one way or another.
Yes, Ziglu will arrange to view the home and you may also be present if you wish. In order to represent you properly, we need to arm ourselves with all the necessary information. That’s why a home tour by Ziglu is a must.
You get paid when we get paid. It’s usually within 2 weeks of the closing date.
No, not really.  A Buyer Representation Agreement must be signed by both parties.  The agreement is usually for a 2-3 month period and covers the geographical area of Ottawa.  If you buy a home with Ziglu as your representative and Ziglu gets paid commission by the Listing Broker, then you get the cash reward. Simple and no fine print.

You have a real estate question…We have the answer.


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