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Hello! My name is Gilles Ménard. I am the creator, owner and broker of Ziglu. I became a REALTOR® in 2000. I started my real estate career with Royal LePage. I quickly realized that the traditional model of real estate wasn’t for me. I loved helping people sell and buy their homes, but the high costs of real estate services bothered me quite a bit. I was never comfortable charging 5% commission to list a property. I could never justify being paid that much. Yet, that was the norm and consumers did not have a choice. I was at a crossroad. Do I simply leave the industry or do I try to change the industry. I’ve always been a bit of a non-conformist and so the latter option was a challenge I was ready to take on. I decided to take the real estate broker’s course, which gave me the education and knowledge to start my own brokerage. I did lots of research to build a business model that would offer similar services, but at much lower fees. I had to dance around the many regulations and guidelines that governs the industry, but after many revisions, modifications and tweaks, the Ziglu model was created. Ziglu was officially launched in 2007.

Ziglu Inc. is an Ottawa-based real estate brokerage that lives up to its mantra: “Ziglu, a different kind of real estate company.” by constantly examining and tweaking the traditional real estate industry while providing custom levels of service that savvy consumers demand.


As a company, Ziglu embraces technology, understanding that the internet has changed the dynamics of the industry. Consequently, today’s real estate consumer is well informed and educated. Because of savvy clients like yourselves, the role of the REALTOR® is changing, where REALTORS® may no longer be the only source of information in all situations. Because of this, sellers and buyers want to be more involved in the process. Ziglu appreciates savvy customers, and rewards its clients with lower commission fees and buyer cash rewards.

We save time and money by streamlining the buying and selling process and allowing you to get involved. Those savings are passed on to you. It’s just a more efficient and savvy way!

Ten years later, against all odds, Ziglu is thriving. The mindset hasn’t changed. Our mission is to provide the same level of service as the other guys, but at fair, reasonable prices.

You Have a Real Estate Question…We Have the Answer.


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